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Guarding Against Inappropriate Teaching

In this election, we are asking candidates to commit to our three pledges concerning the implementation of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in England’s schools:

We urge candidates to endorse the Could Do Better Campaign’s three pledges:

1. Mandate Parental Consultation in School Decision-Making
Commit to ensuring that RSE teaching in primary and secondary schools is based on meaningful consultation with parents, who are the primary educators of their children.

2. Objective and Pluralistic Teaching
Ensure that RSE teaching complies with legal requirements by being objective, critical, and pluralistic. Teachers should refrain from promoting their personal views on relationships and instead recognise the broad range of perspectives present in the classroom and society.

3. Clear Communication with Parents
Pledge to make schools fully transparent with parents about the materials they use, the external speakers they invite, what they teach, when they teach it, and provide clear guidelines on what parents can withdraw their children from.

General Elections 2024

Help to safeguard your children from inappropriate teaching in England’s schools by contacting your parliamentary candidates using our online election platform.

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